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Pattern of Sophidici

Mitaines aux carrés 06 


1 ball of Lambswool Phildar (
41 grams used)

3mm / US 11 needles, one circular needle or a set of double pointed needles
(adjust needle size to reach the desired gauge

M / 7, length 20 cm / 8 ”

stockinette stitch : 10 cm x 10 cm / 4” x 4” = 28 sts x 38 rows
pattern of squares : 10 cm x 10 cm / 4” x 4” =
32 sts x 47 rows

3 markers ( use a different marker to mark end of row), 2 stitch holders, tapestry needle

Stitches used and explanation:
1x1 rib:
K1, P1 across row

Pattern of squares: worked over 7 rows

On rows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: K4, ( P1, K4) 3 times
7: P

Stockinette stitch:
All rows : K (knitting in the round)

Garter stitch:
Alternate rows of K and rows of P (knitting in the round)

The first and last stitch of the mitt back is always Purl


Left mitt:

CO 46 sts, place marker, join for working in the round.
Work in
1x1 rib for 10 rows.

Place markers to identify the two sides of the mitt:
the back:
1st, marker, 19sts, marker, 1st = 21 sts total

the front or palm side: 25 sts

Work ”pattern of squares” over the back side and stockinette stitch over the front side for 35 rows (5 repeats of the pattern of squares).

Continuing to work in established pattern for back and front, begin to increase for the thumb: increase 1 stitch in the first and last stitch of the row, every 4 rows, 8 times = 62 sts in total

Work 1 more row, then set the 18 sts for the thumb on stitch holders;

Continue the pattern until the desired length, then work 5 rows garter st and BO.

Place the thumb sts back on your needles. Work in stockinette stitch until the desired length, work 5 rows garter st and BO.

Weave in ends. Knit the right mitt as a mirror image of the left.

©Sophidici 2012

Merci à Alix/Aufildesjours pour son aide :)    Thank you to Alix/Aufildesjours for her help ;)